Nottingham Playhouse celebrates Black History Month

Saturday 1st October 2011

Every year there is an event, an occasion, a moment that marks a period in one’s life. For some it is an anniversary, a birthday, a commemorative occasion. For others it is a celebration of what has happened or who has trodden before.

Black History Month (BHM) has been a celebration, a recognition, an affirmation of what people of African and Caribbean heritage have achieved in the UK. It is more than an arts event. BHM defines inspirational people and moments where negativity or doubt pervades. BHM is not about the extraordinary few Black-British people who have strived and made the archives. It is about everybody partaking in events, history being shared and rivers being crossed.

Since 1986, after the first UK BHM event in London, many local authorities across the country have supported communities to facilitate events and activity. Today television companies, magazines, conferences, expos and theatres support Black History – during October for BHM, but also more and more 24/7, 365.

The history of black people, people of African and Caribbean heritage is as rich as the soil your foundations are built on – spiritually, physically. That soil is held together with events like this, where the power of poetry and da open-mic are king.

Nottingham Playhouse has staged many shows and events for Nottingham’s diverse audience including over the past year or so Twelfth Night, Gina Yashere, The Harder They Come, The Crossing and Fakebook.

This year Nottingham Playhouse is proud to present the Black History Month Poetry Honours and The Dons of Comedy to launch the month. Just like last year it is a time to bring your words to be shared on the open-mic. Just like last year it is for everybody. Yes, let us make a fuss. Yes, let us get together and enjoy a great social occasion alongside great entertainment. And of course, let us continue to make and acknowledge history.