Thursday 31st March 2016

Rehearsals for Noises Off at Nottingham Playhouse have been suspended today due to an altercation between members of the cast. It has come to our attention that leaked footage of this event has been appearing on social media, and in an attempt to prevent further speculation, we shall record the course of events here.

On the morning Friday 1st April, the rehearsal period began with the usual physical and vocal warm-ups, led by director Blanche McIntyre. It was during the course of these warm-ups that Mr Lonsdale accidentally smacked Mr Bowerman in the face. The rehearsal may have continued without further incident as Ms Arya, Mr Osborne and Mr Elkington attempted to break up the ensuing fisticuffs. Unfortunately, this led to further punches being thrown, and culminated with Ms Arya throwing a handful of sardines in Mr Lonsdale’s face.

Director Blanche McIntyre tried her best to rein in her actors, but ultimately had no choice but to cancel the remainder of the morning’s rehearsals, with the hope that tensions will have dissipated by midday today.

We would ask our audience members not to be concerned by any footage/photos you may see on social media of this incident, and rest assured that the show WILL go on from Sat 9 – Sat 30 April. Tickets for Noises Off are still available to purchase online or via the Box Office on 0115 941 9419.

The below footage is of the sardine-throwing incident currently being shared on social media. Nottingham Playhouse are unable to verify the validity of the footage at this time.


update: april fools!!

Obviously, our Noises Off cast aren’t REALLY at each others throats… offstage anyway! It was all a fantastic ruse for April Fool’s Day! Well, you can’t stage a play about things going wrong in a play without pretending there’s really things going wrong in the play now, can you?! But rest assured our lovely cast are getting on wonderfully together, and are excited to bring you some comedy chaos when Noises Off opens on Sat 9 April!

Proof of the general harmony in the Noises Off camp!