Mass Bolero now freely available to watch on YouTube!

Wednesday 28th May 2014

After a world premiere showing at Nottingham Playhouse for the launch of the neat14 festival, and a broadcast premiere as the very first programme on the new Notts TV channel, our short film Mass Bolero is now available for everyone to see on YouTube. Please enjoy it and share it.

Among the very first viewers were Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean, who sent director Fiona Buffini a thank you note: “We both adored the Mass Bolero movie. It made us smile, laugh and stirred real emotion by the end. Congratulations to you and your team and all the wonderful dancers in the movie.”

Mass Bolero was directed by Nottingham Playhouse Associate Director Fiona Buffini, choreographed by Jeanefer Jean-Charles, and filmed and edited by the Confetti Media Group for broadcast on Notts TV. Mass Bolero has been realised by Nottingham Playhouse in partnership with the Foundation for Community Dance, Dance4, Confetti Media Group, Notts TV and Spool.

Fiona Buffini, Associate Director, Nottingham Playhouse said:

“The nation holds Torvill and Dean in great respect and admiration, but nowhere more so than here in Nottingham. Mass Bolero was genuinely a mass participation project, with a diverse range of groups, including a flash mob event in Nottingham’s city centre, each recreating just 10 seconds of the routine. The result is a film made up of the contributions of hundreds of people around the city.

As the director, I have been overwhelmed by the commitment and enthusiasm shown by all our groups towards the project. The film has turned into a celebration of Nottingham/shire and the people who live and work here.

I would like to say a huge thank you to all those who have taken part in this incredible project and to everyone who helped make it possible. I would particularly like to thank Craig Chettle from Confetti Media Group and Paul Russ from Dance4, our generous and supportive partners, and of course Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean for being such good sports.”

For a full list of all the participating groups and the full creative team behind the film, download the Premiere programme here.

More Information

What is Mass Bolero?

This year marked the 30th anniversary of Nottingham’s finest, Torvill & Dean, winning their Winter Olympic Gold in Sarajevo with their Bolero ice dance routine. To celebrate this, Nottingham Playhouse’s Associate Director Fiona Buffini had the unique idea of a ‘Mass Bolero’ community project that would allow the people of Nottingham to pay tribute to two of the UK’s greatest sports stars.

Over two months, more than 25 different community groups were each taught 10 seconds of the routine, re-choreographed to be performed on dry land, in the groups’ local streets, offices, schools and other spaces across Nottingham. These segments have been seamlessly edited together to recreate the entire dance, together with its standing ovations and scores of ‘6’, set to the original BBC soundtrack and commentary from 30 years ago.

Community focus of the Participation team at Nottingham Playhouse

At the heart of all of Nottingham Playhouse’s participation work is the belief that the theatre must reach out and genuinely engage with communities and individuals, not expect them to reach out to us. We have bold ambitions to create meaningful projects that make a difference to people’s lives. For Mass Bolero, community groups, schools, sports venues, companies and individuals were invited to work with Nottingham Playhouse and our partners (Dance4 and Confetti Media Group) to recreate this world-famous Bolero ice dance, and the medium of film was the only way to ensure the participation of so many people. The film is a not-for-profit enterprise which is why it is freely available to view on YouTube.

Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean

Both expressed their delight at the idea of the Mass Bolero project; so much so that they kindly agreed to make two short cameo appearances in the film in the week their Dancing on Ice tour arrived in Nottingham. As a result, they appear in both the opening and ending sequences of the film, at Nottingham train station and during the flash mob scene filmed at Market Square. Everyone involved in the film is grateful for the time they gave to the project.

The launch of Mass Bolero at Nottingham Playhouse

On Friday 23rd May, Mass Bolero had its world premiere at Nottingham Playhouse, launching the neat14 festival (Nottingham European Arts and Theatre Festival), Everyone involved in the making of Mass Bolero was invited to these first showings, and the theatre was full to capacity. There was an ecstatic response to the film, with cheering, laughter, tears and wild applause.

The launch of Notts TV

At 4pm on Tuesday 27th May, Notts TV, the brand new community television channel for Nottinghamshire launched its first broadcast with Mass Bolero and a short documentary ‘The Making of Mass Bolero’.

Photo courtesy of Nottingham Post.