Listen to Dead to Me by Grunt - featuring in Garage Band

Monday 1st June 2009

The late 70s were rebellious times when Sheena was a punk rocker, things seemed pretty vacant and everyone was searching for teenage kicks. But that was over 30 years ago and times change…

Garage Band opens at Nottingham Playhouse this Friday 5 June and tells the tale of four friends who form a punk band to recapture the energy of their youth. The show features live music including the brilliant track Dead to Me by Grunt.

You can listen to the track, learn about the history of the band and see pictures of them now on their MySpace page

You can also watch the ’lost video’ of Dead to Me on YouTube

Garage Band runs at Nottingham Playhouse from Friday 5 – Saturday 20 June. To find out more about the show or to book tickets click here.