Go 'Under The Cover' of a Scandal with Free Talks for Any Means Necessary

Tuesday 26th January 2016

As we prepare to open our new production, Any Means Necessary, we are thrilled to announce the full schedule of free talks that will accompany the play, including speakers such as activist Helen Steel and the Undercover Research Group.

Any Means Necessary brings together elements inspired by different cases in the undercover police scandal exposed in Nottingham. We will explore the importance and impact of these issues further in a series of talks with members of the cast, creative and guest speakers who have been involved with the case.

For the full details and booking information for each pre-show talk please follow the links below.

Pre-Show Talk with John Hess, Helen Steel and Bruce Kent

Thursday 11 February at 6pm
Main Auditorium

John Hess, former Political Editor for BBC East Midlands, talks to activists Helen Steel and Bruce Kent about their experiences of undercover policing.

Post-Show Discussion with director Giles Croft and members of the cast

Thursday 11 February
Main Auditorium

Stay after the show to ask Giles or a member of the cast a question about the play.

How To Confirm A Cop: The experience of the Undercover Research Group

Pre-Show Talk by Donal O’Driscoll
Saturday 13 February at 6:30pm
Neville Studio

Donal O’Driscoll will talk about the work of the Undercover Research Group, who they have exposed and the impact of the Pitchford inquiry.

Pre-Show Talk with Kefi Chadwick and Merrick Badger

Wednesday 17 February at 6:30pm
Neville Studio

Join writer Kefi Chadwick in conversation with director Giles Croft and Merrick Badger, one of the environmental activists who investigated, confronted and exposed their comrade Mark Kennedy.