Engaging mind and body: Reflections on my residency with Gecko

Friday 5th January 2018

Gecko ran a residency in Nottingham with local young people. We asked participant Rebecca Allen to share with us her reflections following the experience, and what she learnt from Gecko:

I was given the opportunity to participate in a three day workshop led by physical theatre company, Gecko. Working with the Gecko team was an absolute privilege, due to the high professionalism of the workshop leaders, a positive, encouraging and safe environment was created where all members of the workshop felt comfortable. From the first day of the workshop all participants had such enthusiasm for each exploratory task. This enthusiasm along with the positive environment that Gecko created, meant I was able to let go of any inhibitions and immerse myself fully in the experience. This enabled creativity to blossom leading to myself and other participants developing their individual performance skills.

The workshops expanded my own knowledge of the creative process and different ways of devising material while providing an insight into how Gecko creates their professional work. The main impact the Gecko workshop had on myself was learning how to engage the mind and body together. The importance of having the mind and body engaged together at all times is to create a high level of focus and energy enabling myself to be physically and mentally prepared for each task whether this be participating in a warm up or creating material for a performance.

Gecko’s The Wedding runs from Thu 1 – Sat 3 Feb at Nottingham Playhouse – click here to book.