East is East Review Round Up

Thursday 1st June 2017

The Khans have arrived at Nottingham Playhouse and, although the family enjoy a good bicker, the critics have been unanimous in their high praise for the 20th anniversary revival of East is East. Check out all the reviews from right here.

“Simmering tension… Moments of real tenderness” ★★★★

The Times

“Top class piece of theatre”

Nottingham Post says “The acting from all the cast is utterly perfect.”

“A solid evening’s entertainment” ★★★★

Reviews Hub writes that East is East contains “some cracking jokes and even a bit of good old-fashioned British farce.”

“A careful balance of farcical comedy and shocking drama”

Exeunt Magazine says director Suba Das “has an extraordinary eye for the interpersonal dynamics of the family.”

“Impressively energetic and meticulously staged” ★★★★

The Stage

“A slice of side-splitting entertainment!”

Hey! What’s on in Nottingham writes “Vicky [who plays Ella] had the audience in the palm of her hand and we hung on to her every word”

“It’s the kids that bring this story to life”

Left Lion notes that “the audience was one of the most diverse I have seen in the theatre in a long time.”

“Contains one of modern theatre’s truly great scenes”

British Theatre Guide

“The casting is exceptional”

Blogger Carpe Diem Emmie says “the rebellious teenage children are a ball of energy and fun throughout, there wasn’t a moment when they were on stage that they didn’t have the audience cracking up in their seats.”

“A delightful and entertaining clash of cultures”

Hucknall Dispatch

“I would highly recommend you go and see this show”

On her Lights, Camera and a 9 to 5 blog Charlie Clarke says “It makes you cry with laughter in one moment and then cry with sadness the next, it is a truly moving performance.”

“An immensley talented cast”

69-degrees concludes that “East is East perfectly plays out the chaotic and sometimes traumatic events of family life.”

“A powerhouse performance”

Coronation Street Blog

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East is East must end Saturday 10 June.