CAST warms up with its new winter menu

Friday 9th November 2012

As Christmas draws closer, our popular bar and restaurant CAST has been busy getting its new menu ready for the festive season. We caught up with Manager Tim Wheelhouse to find out what’s in store at CAST in the next few months – and what exactly goes into an Old Fashioned.

Tim has worked at CAST for the past four years, and told us that he loves his job there as he enjoys meeting the variety of guests that come in. Another brilliant thing about CAST is its location, as Tim explained. “In the summer the outside seating area is easily one of the best in Nottingham. Our independent status gives us the freedom to decide what products we stock – this means that there is always something new to be experienced at CAST.”

Menu Favourites

So what food dishes are his favourites on the CAST menu? “Favourite food is a tricky one – I do enjoy quite a few different varieties! From our menu, the burger or the Thai Curry are always strong contenders, or if I am feeling particularly carnivorous, the mixed grill. I think I am most impressed however with some of the dishes on our Pre-Theatre Menu.”


As for drinks, Tim is a big whiskey fan. He told us, “My favourite drink is an Old Fashioned; a whisky based cocktail stirred in with Peychaud bitters, orange peel and brown sugar. It takes a while to make (and not long to drink), but it is worth it.”

Tim is a busy man – as well as working at CAST he has been studying for a PHD in English Literature at the University of Nottingham. “I will not be disappearing into academia though: after two degrees, a masters and a combined total of eleven years at University – and the fact that I love working here! – I will be around for a good while after I finish.”

Coming up

There’s lots in store at CAST over the next few months, including new lagers on draught, some new spirits, and a new cocktail menu. They have also just introduced a ‘second sitting’ of their theatre menus between 8pm and 9pm on selected dates at the bargain price of £13.95 for two courses, £17.95 for three. There is also the delicious Christmas menu, on offer from the end of November. You can download the Christmas menu here.