Work Experience Blog 2

Posted by Blog Writer on Monday 26th July 2010

On her work experience placement with us, Jodie Collingridge helped with our autumn 2010 season planning. Here’s what she did…

Arriving on the first day of my work experience at Nottingham Playhouse, I have to admit I was quite apprehensive – I had no idea what to expect. I would just have to hope common sense would see me through. However, I soon found there was no need to worry: everyone made me feel extremely welcome, and I could get to work immediately.

Throughout my week working with the Marketing department, I have done several tasks, and consequently learnt a great deal about not only the working world in general, but also about specific requirements within a department such as this. I have enjoyed every aspect of my time here, and am of course very grateful for the opportunity I have been given.

One of the initial tasks I began on my first morning was to search through the newspapers of the weekend and tear out any articles relevant to theatre. This is something that had never occurred to me as being useful before, and so it has opened my mind to how small tasks can be of use to a large department.

Since then, my main objective has been to research the plays for the autumn season. I have been identifying selling points, finding images, and generally exploring the marketing possibilities for each play. It has been incredibly interesting to observe the process a play undergoes from being produced to being marketed, and the amount of information the marketing department are given to incorporate into their posters, depending upon the play and the director involved.

The most interesting part of my experience has been learning how a concept for a poster is created, then developed, and helping to find relevant and interesting images to use. This – along with researching the autumn plays – has furthered my understanding of both the marketing process, and possible interpretations of the plays themselves. Through trying to identify relevant images and aspects of the stories, I have seen them in ways I would perhaps not have thought of before. It has been useful, and reassuring, for me to see how the work I do in school at the minute can be applied to real situations: for example, I have no doubts that the time in our English lessons we have spent analysing and annotating novels, poems and plays has given me the skills I used this week to find the features of these plays that would be most marketable.

This week I have spent with the Marketing department has been very enjoyable – for me at least – and informative, and I am extremely grateful for this opportunity. I would like to thank everybody in the department for making me feel welcome, and for giving me interesting and useful tasks to complete throughout the week.