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Posted by Blog Writer on Thursday 27th October 2011

Mufaro is an actor and playwright from Nottingham.  He is a graduate of the young writers programme and a current member of the Studio group at the Royal Court Theatre in London. He was also part of the equally wonderful Theatre Writing Partnership’s young writers programme.

 Credits Include:  Readings -Wallowing (Curve Theatre), Come to where I’m from (Paines  Plough/Nottingham Playhouse), Premature (N.E.A.T Festival, Nottingham Playhouse and Whitechapel  Gallery).

The commissioning of this piece came as a quick but pleasant surprise. It was literally a text message, a phone call a minute later from super producer Bea Udeh and I had a commission.  Within a few minutes on the phone me and Bea had come up with an idea, drafted a synopsis and come up with a title to make print that afternoon for the forth-coming brochure.  Bea and I had always wanted to work on something together and this was the perfect opportunity. 

The commission is a development as it has enabled me to get dramaturgical support from Giles Croft the Artistic Director of the Nottingham Playhouse, who will also direct the play which in itself is a real pleasure and an honour.

I guess every play has a genesis…I have always wanted to write a play about love; its meaning and nature as specific to the relationship in the play.  The play was inspired by one of the great love poems by Alfred, Lord Tennyson entitled ‘If I were loved as I desire to be’

If I were loved, as I desire to be,
What is there in the great sphere of the earth,
And range of evil between death and birth,
That I should fear-if I were loved by thee?
All the inner, all the outer world of pain
Clear love would pierce and cleave, if thou wert mine,
As I have heard that, somewhere in the main,
Freshwater springs come up through bitter brine.
Twere joy, not fear, claspt hand in hand with thee,
To wait for death-mute-careless of all ills,
Apart upon a mountain, thou the surge
Of some new deluge from a thousand hills
Flung leagues of roaring foam into the gorge
Below us, as far as the eye could see.

It’s a beautiful, intense poem about the nature of love.  In the play I explore the nature of a relationship between a couple, Ed and Rachel, after an intense summer romance. The play explores what love means to them, their hopes and desires but it is a relationship with a certain twist from which the drama of the play arises.  What’s the twist?  That would be giving away the play in a way.  It’s something you have to watch for yourself.  At most I can say the stakes for the couple could not be any higher, a real struggle between love and death… 

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