Rhapsody's drawing of the robot

Rhapsody's Visit to the Playhouse

Posted by anon on Friday 17th December 2010

Rhapsody spent the day with us at Nottingham Playhouse recently. Here’s what she got up to:

The Nottingham Playhouse by Rhapsody, age 8 

Chapter 1: The Robot
Here in the Nottingham Playhouse I met the Robot that I called Dave/Bob/Dan. My Mum filmed the Robot whilst he was walking. My Mummy’s friend called Nathan made the Robot for the play “Mother Goose” at the Nottingham Playhouse. After that my Dad took the Robot armour off and Nathan showed us down to his craft room, paint room and under the stage. Then he showed us the stage and the first thing I saw was the big sparkly stage. After I saw the sparkle I turned my head and glanced at a big furry spider and other massive creatures.

Chapter 2: Mother Goose
When we got to the pantomine it had this big sparkly sign saying “Mother Goose”. Suddenly it went quiet and the lights got brighter. Then some music came on. Then the blind went up and a little goose called Priscilla came on stage. In the background was a fun fair that Mother Goose, Billy, Priscilla and someone else I can’t remember lived in. Then Billy came on stage and said “So have you seen our pet goose Priscilla”…and that’s how the play started.     

Chapter 3: What I Thought
What I liked about it was when Billy and these villans had a pie fight, because their pies went everywhere. The other bit that I enjoyed was when the Robot attacked them, because it was my friend’s and also because it’s head exploded

Chapter 4: Me On Stage
The blinds go down and this song came on called “Sons of the Sea” said Billy. It goes like this: “Sons of the sea…bobbing up and down like this”. We got on stage and sat on these five chairs. Mother Goose came round with a mic. The girl next to me was called Asha, and they sang “Brim Full of Asha”. When it was my turn they did “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Bohemian Rhapsody”. After that I walked off the stage and they sang “Bohemian Rhapsody” again!

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