Behind the Scenes at the Enron Photoshoot

Tuesday 16th July 2013

Earlier this year we organized a photo shoot for our upcoming Youth Theatre production of Enron, the story of one of the most infamous financial scandals of recent times. Four members of our Youth Theatre volunteered to model for the shoot, which was photographed by Ciaran Brown, who is also a member of our Playhouse Ensemble.

Our first step was to research images associated with Enron, to use as inspiration for the photo shoot. The play has been brought to the stage several times before so it was useful to see what previous designs and costumes had been used in the past.

One great thing about the Playhouse is that whenever we need objects for a shoot they can usually be found in our Props department. This time around we borrowed a briefcase, an office chair and an old ‘90s era mobile phone to be used in the photos. Our Youth Theatre Director Sarah Stephenson was on hand to art direct, and all four models did a brilliant job of capturing the greed and arrogance of the businessmen and women in the play.

There were several strong images to choose from, as you can see in our gallery to the top left. In the end we opted for a striking image of the male characters standing in a row, looking a little unsure of themselves, while the female looks strong and powerful. We then added a background to the image using Photoshop, inspired by the stock exchange.

Enron is brought to the stage on August 8 – 10. Click here to book tickets or to read more about the show.

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