Monday 10th June 2019

We caught up with Miles Yekinni who will be playing American Football legend, Jim Brown, this June in our production of One Night in Miami… Miles tells us how he has been preparing to play such a well-known figure.

Introduce yourself…

Hey, I’m Miles Yekinni and I play Jim Brown.

You play Jim Brown who was an American Football star. What attracted you to this role and the show?

I love American football and I am a season pass holder for the NFL London games! So I was introduced to Jim Brown way before the play as the G.O.A.T! How could I pass up the opportunity to embody him? As for the play I remember reading it on the way back from Nigeria, turning to my sister Diana Yekinni and saying “I have to do this”. I was moved by the exploration of black masculinity and the tenderness of its execution. I think it is rarely talked about, celebrated or openly accepted and the lack of discussion, in my opinion is what contributes heavily to mental health issues in our community. The chance for me to lend a hand in correcting this injustice has always been a dream of mine. I feel massively privileged to have this opportunity.

How have you been preparing for the role of Jim Brown?

Lots and lots of YouTube! And the purchase of a very informative Spike Lee documentary ‘All American: Jim Brown’. Constantly listening to recordings of his voice and carrying my American football with me to rehearsals.

Do you feel any pressure portraying such an icon?

I did at first and there have been definite moments of inadequacy in my process but I have put the work in and consistently try to embody the same mind frame and work ethic as Jim Brown by being relentless in my approach to rehearsals.

Why should people come and see the show?

It’s refreshing, it’s new voices, it’s a new perspective on a multifaceted issue that should have been resolved long before my lifetime. They should come to be challenged and laugh and smile but most importantly to keep the discussion open and at the forefront of our minds.

You can see Miles in One Night in Miami… from Friday 7 – Saturday 22 June.
Find out more and book tickets here.