Announcing the Winners of our Short Story Competition

Tuesday 2nd April 2019

We had over 50,000 words submitted as part of our Short Story Competition for 8-16 year olds! Thank you to everyone who submitted a story, it’s been a absolute pleasure reading each and every story.
Here are our winners:

Overall winner: Morley Chandler, age 10

The Hunted

His feet hit the ground heavily as he landed on the dank forest floor. Parker waited. He waited and waited. Were they still following him? He listened and listened, holding his breath. In the distance, he could hear a faint snap of a twig. They were still hunting him.

Setting off once more, Parker weaved through the woodland, stumbling now and again over logs, hidden in dense undergrowth. As Parker’s worn leather-jacket whipped behind him, he could hear his heart thumping the same rhythm that his feet were pounding on the rough surface. Sweat made his sandy hair cling uncomfortably to the back of his neck, his brown t-shirt damp and almost unbearable to wear. Out of the corner of his eye, Parker caught site of something glinting, as the last few minutes of daylight shone. Shielding his aqua-blue eyes with his hand, he squinted, trying to make out what it was. It looked like lettering, over an entrance of some sort. Maybe to a place; where he could throw them off his scent. Continue reading…

Morley will receive a unique audio recording of his winning story read by David Almond as well as a family ticket for the production of Skellig, a copy of the book signed by David Almond and a signed programme.

Winner (aged 8-11): Lucy, age 10

The Tube System

I first met Lila in a dream, it goes like this.

The gas attack sirens wailed as I went to grab my mask, but it had gone. It was bad gas. Very bad gas. I rasped for air, but I knew it was useless. A pen was beside me, so I wrote with a wobbly hand:

My name is Lila. My future was before me and my past is behind me, I’m dead now. I write this with love to all those who care.
Then my eyes drooped, and I thudded to the floor. For weeks all was silent until a bright light echoed on the back of my eyes and I saw an airport. I must be crazy, I thought, I am dead. But that was until I read the sign. It said Reincarnation, platform 3 section 2. Suddenly, a man appeared behind me and said “Okay, you have no religion, you died in a gas attack. You need platform 23 section 1.” Then, before I had time to wonder, I was sucked up a tube in an undignified manner and ended up on the platform the man said I needed. There was a glowing tube in front of me and I stepped into it. A woman inside said “Right you’ve died in a gas attack, and now you are going to start life again, until, you learn the true meaning of life so, until you can tell me, I’ll send you back as an animal.” Continue reading…

Winner (aged 12-16): Aisha

Empty Barstools

I sit here in our bar- broken and unaccompanied.

Walking in all alone to see my barstool stood proudly waiting for me. I reminisce the days when it was all fun and games. When my best friend and I played out in the alleyways. We spent time together like we spent with no other; he was basically my second brother.

Love is an empty barstool- when your best friend is at rest in the heavens.

Muffled reflections shine off the glasses in front of me. Behind the bar, the glasses are neatly aligned on the shelves where I can see my misshapen shadows. (Wishing I could see yours too) Continue reading…

Winner from Priory Belvoir Academy: Rosie

The New Life

The Alien unhinged the armoured door secretly. He was trying to get away from the science lab because he crashed there with his broken spaceship. He felt confused because he did not know what this planet was. He turned his head to see if anyone was coming but, they were not. He could see white coat and computers. Then suddenly he could hear voices and footsteps. “What is going on, HELLO!” said the unsure man banging on the the alien started to run. He stepped outside into the cold air. It was in the middle of the night (pick back, you could only see the street lights). The street lights were like bright angles in the dark, dull sky. Also there was a creepy forest with trees waving in the wind like something was going to jump out and frighten him to death. He could hear nature and animals in the trees and the wind was whispering in his ears. This was very unusual to him. Why is he here? Continue reading…

Winner from Nottingham Academy: Roxanne

White and Purple Skulls

Our father always called us ‘special Yūrei’; I always thought it was because my brother and I are twins. That was a lie. Before he died, he told us
‘Don’t be scared of the ghosts, see the ghosts Bella, and help the ghosts Bash…’ then his line cut off.

12 years later,

When we got home from school, my foster mother asked ‘How was school?’

I told her, we met the new boy named Sora, he was mute. Bash got a B+ for the first time and I helped Santos feel better. Nothing special happened today. When I was sat on my bed, the clocked ticked ’22:28pm’. I climbed out my window and went to the ‘Ally’. Surprisingly, Bash was already there, the clock ticked ’22:30pm’. It was ghost time… Continue reading…

Congratulations to all the winners, they will receive a family ticket for the production of Skellig, a signed copy of the book and a signed programme.