How to Breathe by Nottingham-based writer Mufaro Makubika

Script Submissions

At Nottingham Playhouse we want to find new writers in the East Midlands – we are a theatre with a commitment to making lasting relationships with talented people with stories to tell. Part of how we do this is through accepting unsolicited script submissions. Provided they meet our submission guidelines we will offer dramaturgical feedback to writers who send us their work.

Who should send us their script?

We want to discover, nurture and develop writers who will represent Nottingham’s, and the wider region’s, unique voice and showcase these talents on our stages. Writers from the East Midlands are our primary focus and any writer living in this area will receive detailed feedback via email on scripts they send in. We define the East Midlands as Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Rutland, Northamptonshire and Lincolnshire.

We do read work from other parts of the UK but cannot guarantee feedback to writers who fall outside of our immediate catchment area. We encourage writers from outside the East Midlands to send their work to theatres closer to them unless there is an important reason that this is a script for Nottingham Playhouse.

We would expect writers who submit work to us to be aware of the work we programme, the spaces in the building and to know why they are sending that play to us in particular.

Due to the number of scripts we receive, we ask writers to send the one play they think best displays their talent as a writer and that they think might be suitable for one of our spaces. We will accept a maximum of 2 scripts per year from a writer and cannot accept another submission until we have responded to your initial submission. We will also not read redrafts of work we have previously given feedback on unless you have been specifically asked to do so.

What are we looking for?

We will only read complete versions of full-length or one-act, original plays written for the stage. We do not accept work written for TV, radio or film.

Nottingham Playhouse produces many new plays across the building each year, including our long running panto written by Kenneth Alan Taylor. The new work we produce or workshop is hugely varied in terms of style and content and there are a great many different things that might excite us in a play or a writer. What we are looking for in work that comes to us is a story that excites us with vibrant, diverse characters or investigates intelligent and original ideas told through theatre. We are looking for writers who are passionately dedicated to being recognised as a writer and are willing to learn more of this craft with other writers and collaborators. We want to work with writers who are willing to continually challenge themselves to develop a strong original voice.

How do I submit a script?

There are now two ways to submit your script for consideration:

  1. Email your script as a PDF file or Word Document to:
  2. Submit your work via post (although please include an email address if possible) to:

Emma Fowler
Nottingham Playhouse
Wellington Circus

We prefer to read all unsolicited scripts anonymously; therefore we ask that when submitting your script for consideration that you do not include your name or any personal details on the script document.

For this reason, we ask all writers to attach a completed Submission Form as a separate document when submitting your script via email. If you are submitting your work via post please do not bind the form to the script.

When submitting your script to Nottingham Playhouse please take a moment to consider the following guidelines:

• We will only read complete versions of full-length or one-act, original plays written for the stage. We do not accept work written for TV, radio or film.
• All submissions must be type-written using a clear font style, such as Ariel, Times New Roman or Calibri, or formatted using Celtx or similar, and on A4 paper in font size 12.
• Ensure the pages are numbered and that you include a title page with a list of characters.
• All postal submissions should be bound by a two-piece file clip, treasury tags or staples.
• All script submissions must be accompanied by a completed Submission Form, which can be downloaded from our website. Please do not bind your Submission Form to the script.
• Do not include any personal details on the script, your name and contact details should be noted on your submission form.
• Emailed submissions should be sent as a Word Document or PDF file attached to the email.
• Postal submissions should contain a stamped (with the correct postage) addressed envelope, manuscript size, if you wish to have your script returned to you. Scripts without an envelope or the correct amount of postage will be recycled.

What happens next?

You should receive an email acknowledging receipt of your script within a week of sending it to Nottingham Playhouse. Your script will then be read by one of our Associate Artists or another member of the Artistic Team.

After the script has been read

If you are a writer from the East Midlands we will send you dramaturgical feedback via email. Writers from further afield may receive feedback if we feel a writer will really benefit from the notes. All submissions will be contacted again after the work has been read with any decisions. As we receive many submissions each year, the vast majority will not be produced.

What else?

Submitting your script for consideration is not the only way to engage with new writing at Nottingham Playhouse:

  • Write Club is a free fortnightly writers’ group held every other Monday in our CAST bar from 7-9pm. Write Club is a space for writers to meet informally and share their work or read it around the table with the other writers. Click here for dates and more information.
  • Nottingham Playhouse regularly produces work by local playwrights. Last year this included Amanda Whittington’s My Judy Garland Life on the main stage, Andy Barrett’s The Second Minute touring and 6 rehearsed readings of work by East Midlands playwrights as part of the neat14 festival. So far in 2015 we’ve had Tony’s Last Tape, How To Breathe and Blood plus three other new play readings in the Neville Studio. We also produce new work with local companies such as New Perspectives, Fifth Word and Act 2.

We look forward to reading you work.