Staff List

Staff List

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GILES CROFT, Artistic Director
STEPHANIE SIRR, Chief Executive
ADAM PENFORD, Artistic Director


Andrew Bullett, Information and Communications Technology Manager
VALERIE EVANS, Head of Administration
Emma Fowler, Executive Assistant
Frances Pearson, Administration Assistant

Associate Artists

Andrew Breakwell
Gareth Morgan
Mouthy Poets
Fifth Word

Box Office

Karon Hill, Box Office Assistant
Laura Hutchinson, Box Office Assistant
Georgie Levers, Box Office Assistant
Gary Miller, Box Office Assistant
Sara Oakden, Box Office Assistant
Matt Smith, Box Office Assistant
Richard Surgay, Sales and CRM Manager
Kerry Britnell, Box Office Manager
Jeremy Walker, Box Office Supervisor
Cherelle Wilks, Box Office Assistant


Lucy Jenkins CDG, Casting Director
Sooki McShane CDG, Casting Director

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cindy Hutchinson, Cleaning Supervisor
Kirsty Hutchinson, Cleaner
Aurora Postle, Cleaner
Michael Turton, Maintenance Technician
Patricia Walsh, Cleaner
Paul White, Cleaner


Philip Gunn, Deputy Head of Construction
Will Pettipher, Assistant Carpenter
Julian Smith Head of Construction


RACHEL AMERY, Head of Finance
Jonathan Child, Finance Manager
Imane Guendouz, Finance Assistant

Front of House

Ben Anderson, Usher
Tom Barnes, Usher
Christine Baxter, Usher
Pamela Bullett, Usher
Lauren Connolly, Usher
Jessica Cormack, Usher
Emily Croxford, Usher
Olwen Davies, Usher
Clare Devine, Usher
Stacey Foster, Usher
Kristy Guest, Usher/Performance Fire Warden
Katy Hautz, Usher
Chris Howitt, Usher
Dale Hurren, Usher
Laura Hutchinson, Usher
Tracy James, Theatre Manager
Lydia Jones, Usher
Josh Knott, Usher
Imogen Lea, Usher
Georgie Levers, Usher
Valentine Makubika, Usher
Giada Maran, Usher/ Duty Front of House Manager
Richard Marson, Usher
Livia McLauchlan, House Manager
Lena Nitsch, Usher
Aurora Postle, Usher/Performance Fire Warden
Paul Preston, Usher/ Performance Fire Warden
Kirk Ratcliffe, Performance Fire Warden
Dave Richardson, Usher/Duty FOH Manager
Sarah Rickard, Usher
Charlotte Ridley, Usher
Lauren Robinson, Usher
Aneela Samrai, Usher
Sabrina Shaw, Usher
Matthew Smith, Usher
Ollie Smith, Usher/Performance Fire Warden/ Duty Front of House Manager
Sally Smithson, Usher
STEWART SMITH, Head of Operations
Victoria Sutton, Usher
Andrew Tinley, Usher/Performance Fire Warden
Be Wade, Usher

Fundraising & Development

Sanpreet Janjua, Fundraising Officer

Lighting, Sound & Video

Stephanie Bartle, Deputy Head of Lighting, Sound & Video
Karl Bock, Head of Lighting, Sound & Video
Will Welch, Lighting, Sound & Video Technician
Martin Curtis, Lighting, Sound & Video Technician

Marketing & Communications

Sinéad Bevan, Marketing Officer
Josie Crooks, Marketing Assistant
Derek Graham, Memberships Manager
Rebecca Hogarth, Audience & Community Engagement Manager
Emma Houghton and Charlotte Phillips, Press and PR from Cartwright Communications
Tom Jeavons, Marketing Manager
Gemma Leggett, Graphic Designer
JOANNA SIGSWORTH, Head of Marketing & Communications


Claire Thompson, Head of Paintshop
Anna Roberts, Deputy Head of Paintshop


Manya Benenson, Participation Officer (Education)
FIONA BUFFINI, Associate Director
Laura Guthrie, Agent For Change
Alexandra Moxon, Participation Administrator
Orla O’Connor, Participation Officer (Arts Award)
Laura Rutty, Participation Administrator


ANDY BARTLETT, Production Manager
Jill Robertshaw, Assistant Production Manager


Alex Hatton, Deputy Head of Props
Nathan Rose, Head of Props

Stage Door

Louise Carney, Stage Doorkeeper
Olwen Davies, Stage Doorkeeper
Geoff Linney, Stage Doorkeeper
Giada Maran, Stage Doorkeeper
John Noton, Stage Doorkeeper
Paul Preston, Stage Doorkeeper
Dave Richardson, Stage Doorkeeper
Ollie Smith, Stage Doorkeeper
Susan Yeoman, Receptionist

Stage Management

Kathryn Bainbridge-Wilson, Assistant Stage Manager
Jane Eliot-Webb, Company and Stage Manager
Vickki Maiden, Deputy Stage Manager


Kush Patel, Stage Technician
Jamie Smith, Technical Manager
Tony Topping, Deputy Technical Manager


Heather Flinders, Wardrobe Assistant
Emma Greenhalgh, Wardrobe Assistant/ Dresser
Helen Tye, Head of Wardrobe

Access Services

Stefanie Bell, Captioner
Rebekah Cupit, BSL Interpreter
Jane Edwards, Audio Describer
Sally Goulding, Audio Describer
Derek Graham, Audio Describer
Alison Green, BSL Interpreter
Tullia Randal, Audio Describer
Ridanne Sheridan, Captioner
Katie Yapp, Audio Describer

Neville Studio Volunteers

Ilija Barosevcic
Karl Bloch
Louise Carney
Lynn Coxon
Lisa de Vivo
Teri Forey
Katy Gore
Susan MacCormick
Nieves Zuniga


Sylvia Draycott
Andrew Pearce
Liz Squires

The Board of Trustees

Cllr Cat Arnold
Cllr Steve Battlemuch
Andy Batty
David Belbin
David Brownlee
Tim Challans
Harvey Goodman
Sofia Nazar-Chadwick
Caroline Shutter (Chair)
Paul Southby
Michelle Vacciana


Katie Aungles
Andy Barrett
Fred Brookes
Michaela Butter MBE
Sue Cullen
Sue Dewey OBE
Stephanie Drakes
Jonathan English
Rastarella Falade
Helen Flach
Mark Fletcher
Cllr Brian Grocock
Roger Harcourt
Suma Harding
Tom Huggon
Cressida Laywood
Thulani Molife
Howard Morris
Bernadette O’Driscoll
Cllr Jill Owen
Cllr Michael Payne
Prof. John Pike OBE
David Stewart OBE
David Tilly
Simon White
Cllr John Wilmott
Tony Wills
Cllr Malcolm Wood
Rod Wood

Platinum Playhouse Donors

Eirian Bell
The Gilby Family
Dr Judith Grant
Tom Huggon
Benoit Ivernel
Ivis & Henry Kennington
Tony Walker