How to Join Amplify

Who are we looking for?

Professional theatre-makers at any stage of their career who feel that we may be able to support their development. An artist could be someone starting out post-education, early in their career or someone who has been making professional work for a while. This programme is only for those wishing to work professionally in theatre AND who originate from or currently reside in the East Midlands region (Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, Northamptonshire).

How to apply

Individual Artists (Directors, Producers, Writers, Designers, Theatre-makers, Performers)

Please send:

• A CV
• A covering letter (no more than one A4 page) explaining:

  1. Your relevant training or professional experience
  2. What you’d like to get out of Amplify
  3. How you identify as an artist (e.g. director/writer/designer/producer/theatre-maker etc)
  4. Your connection to the East Midlands.

• An optional Equal Opportunities Form

Theatre Companies

Please send:

• A Covering Letter from the company (no more than one A4 page) explaining:

  1. Your story so far, plans for the future and your roles in the company
  2. It is useful for us to understand the nature of the work you most typically make. Can you articulate in a single sentence the form that best describes your work e.g. agit prop / political / female based physical comedy / re-imagined classic / physical theatre etc.
  3. What you’d like to get out of Amplify
  4. Your connection to the East Midlands

• Individual CVs from each member of the company
• An optional Equal Opportunities Forms from each member

Please send your application to Beth Shouler, Artist Development Co-Ordinator at

What Happens Next

  • If you fit the criteria we’ll sign you up to Amplify for regular newsletters, new opportunities and invitations.
  • You’ll be sent a code for £10 tickets for selected performances on all the main house shows we produce.
  • You’ll also receive a membership card which allows you 25% discount on food and drink in the Playhouse Bar and Café (PBK).